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Who the fuck is Franz

Franz Rauenschwender stands for rebellious, provocative and colourful art, that is able to cast all conventions to the wind. At this point of his creative development he is specialising in digital illustrations and acrylic paintings. Abstract elements, female forms and explosive contrasts are typical for his style.

Born in 1986 in Homburg /Saar he started painting and drawing at a very young age. He then improved his skills throughout many years as autodidact, working als policemen in normal daily life. In 2012 he finally decided to take the step from leaving the promising career in civil service in order to live as full time artist. This
decision against social conventions was for Franz

Rauenschwender an act of self-realisation and with it he received the freedom to dedicate himself completely to his passion for art. Since then he has been living and working in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, where he emigrated in 2014. There he devotes himself not only to his own artwork, but also to several art projects. He also uses the free-spirited atmosphere of the island as inspiration for his paintings.

Beside his specialisation in digital art and acrylic paintings, he also gathered wide experience in mural painting, tattoo designs, corporate designs and commission work.

Ultimately Franz Rauenschwender received much attention on his channels in social media, from private collectors and different online platforms.

Chaos brings creativity to the world

Contact Info

Breslauer Straße 30, Leipzig

Phone: 01784188458

Web: http://www.atelier-rauenschwender.com/